Enhance CX with Virtual Assistant

How IMIconnect helped a major global furniture retailer optimise their CX using an AI-powered chatbot

Providing a differentiating customer experience is of paramount importance to businesses to be successful. Research shows that 86% of customers who receive a great experience, are likely to repurchase from the same company. It is then only fitting to look at transforming the customer contact centre experience in order to stay ahead of the game and truly stand out in the customer’s memory.

An AI-powered solution optimises customer contact centre’s capabilities to automate ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or high-frequency and low-value inquiries which can prove to be a true game-changer. The use of an AI-powered solution not only resolves queries faster and provides 24x7 support but allows live agents in your contact centre to contextually address high-value queries and contribute to an efficient customer experience. Enhance CX with IMIconnect Virtual Assistant

Download the above case study to know how an AI powered Virtual Assistant empowered a global furniture retail major’s contact centre capabilities to communicate with customers across multiple channels while making it highly flexible and scalable.

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